Mario Cart 8. So?

Got it, but only had time to play for 15mins, so don't really know it well yet.

What do you guys think who got the switch and the Mario? Played MP locally and online yet?

I had it or the Wii U and I got it for the switch too.  i know if pretty well.  Its the best mario kart they have ever done in my opinon.  They fixed the battle mode from the Wii U version and its really great. 5 different battle modes that are all pretty interesting.  The racing is great.  Played split screen at my house last weekend a bunch, words great. 

The online functions fine, but Nintendo needs to get their online service up and running because you can't party up or anything yet.  To play together online you have to join a friend who's already in a game.   Once you actually get in, it works great and is fun, but I've heard that can be an issue and the fact you can't party up or voicechat yet is sad. I guess that's more of a rip on the online services in general and not really Mario Kart, but obviously there is functional cross over there at the moment.

I consider this the definative and greatest Mario kart that's ever existed and its the perfect party game and is even fun to play alone or with someone else online since you can play two player splitscreen while also online. 

I give it a 9/10.

I really like MK7. I used to play it with my nephews and nieces. Many feelings were hurt.

Also, there are a shit ton of characters and courses, which you had to unlock in the original, but are already unlocked on Deluxe.  The only thing to unlock is cars and car parts in this one so you will immediately be able to play as anyone and on any track which is cool if you want to just jump in. 

The online racing are pure chaos if you'r ein the middle of the pack too.  Just items flying everywhere and people smashing eachother. 

stevekt - I really like MK7. I used to play it with my nephews and nieces. Many feelings were hurt.

Sounds like someone's got a case of the blue shells.