Mario, color question

What types of ink you use?

I just bought the voodoo sampler pack. It says pigment dispersion on the bottles (that means already mixed?).

What do you think about these? I got them from huck spaulding.

Spaulding has been around for a long time so you should be ok.. The "Dispersion" part of it means it has a little more chemical in it to make it enter the skin a bit easier.

Really the only problem you might run into is with certain RED pigments. People sometimes have what's call 'red reaction'..where it basically gets puffy and itchy for a bit in the beginning and then subsides. Nothing serious.

I use a plethora of inks from various companies, Spaulding included, I use a lot of intenze pigments and also mix my own. Try different stuff when you can!


black and grey all the way niggas!!

Thats all I got is black and grey work on me except one or two.

I will need the color when I tat others.

i love colored tats, but its just not for me... at the moment anyway haha

Hey mario why did my yellow burn more than any of the other colors. Wait I talk like I got 10 but anyway nothing really hurt except for the yellow and I know the guys I used to work with said the same thing they said out of all theirs the yellow burned the worst. When we do my cross lets stay away from the actually do really like it and I cant wait. I will have your tape back to you Sunday.

I like to look at colored tats on others but I like the black and grey better for myself.

Chris - yellow and lighter colors are done using a little different hand technique..that, or your just a pansy :)