Mario Lopez retweets a critique of a lefty preference!

Num num num

8-Bit Love GIF by PAC-MAN™

Benny Blanco FROM THE BRONX. Get it right. Leguizamo is kind of like a latin Dane Cook. Just acts hyper spazzy, over the top and inyaface to be “funny” but is really just annoying as hell and you want to slap him.

That Too Wong Foo movie with him, Swayze and Snipes as drag queens seemed weird as hell to me. Snipes probably gets pissed if you bring that up. “You’re not Blade, you’re Too Wong Foo.”

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I’m hereby… RhinoX… cross your legs ladies…


Big fan of AC Slater, but he had to walk back a tweet recently ,forget what it was, hope he holds strong.

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Nice. Faguizamo is another good one. Gotta have these on hand in case I ever meet him.

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Yes, he dicktucked in record time