Mario Sperry vs Saulo R

So i have been considering ordering some BJJ instructionals and have decided it will be Mario Sperry Master Series or Saulo R Bjj Revolution. I can get both of Sperrys series for $100 total(12dvds) or Saulos first set for $75(6 dvds). The question is which to purchase. Let me know which you would buy and why.

If it helps i am a blue belt and since i can only train twice a week i am looking to review dvds to tighten up my technique.

Yes, buy Saulo, but watch Sperry too. Mario Sperry has some of the funniest commentary you will EVER find on a DVD set :)

I've seen both. saulo, saulo, saulo, saulo, saulo. Sperry's a solid teacher who will show you a solid game. Saulo's a frickin' genius who will change the way you think about BJJ.

I have Saulo's no-gi set, it's very good and almost everything he shows is stuff you can work into your game right away. I also have tons of downloaded vids from his latest Gi set, it's just as good. I am a high blue belt & it's perfect for me.

I have Sperry's old Vale Tudo 1 set & I haven't even touched in years. It's got some good stuff, but the commentary is the best part.

You can find sample vids of both Saulo & Sperry's sets on youtube. Check them out & see which fits you better.

I actually have sperrys nogi and 2nd gi set but they are on vhs and the picture quality has not stood the test of time. I am just getting back in , 3 months after a 5 year layoff due to career and family. I really liked sperrys which is why i considered rebuying it on DVD since i can get both series together for $100. I have just heard alot of good things about saulos but his is $75 for the 1st set of 6 dvds. Basically I dont want to spend too much right now but want the best bang for my buck.

Got em both, love em both...but....SAULO! You will not regret it.

The way I see it, if you were good at some convential ways of doing BJJ (basic pass, basic attacks) then Sperry will help you out. But, if you want to have your mind opened and be shown the path to the holy grail, Saulo's sets will completely enlighten you!

Saulo hands down. I have the Revolution 1 and 2, and they are amazing. I have Sperry's too, which are good but no where near Saulo's.

one good punch is better than 10 faggot punches lol

Come on, we're talking serious here!

even my mother would buy Saulo's videos

Mario all the way. Saulo rambles too much when he talks. I like guys who get to the point.


Saulo for bjj, Sperry for mma.