Mario Sperry's BJJ DVD Sets 1& 2

I am thinking of buying Marios Sperry's BJJ DVD sets 1&2 (6 DVDs each) and I would like to hear some comments or reviews from those of you who have had a look at them.

Also are there any other instructional BJJ DVDs that are worth purchasing?

Thankyou in advance.

Sperry's tapes are good.

I have the Harris BJJ 101 and 201 DVD's....i haven't seen either of them in their entirety, but they seem REALLY good, both in the quality of the information and the production value.


What is your level? Focus? Gi/no gi?

I have 2 years of training experience with gi (hopefully I will get my blue belt soon). I occasionally train no-gi but my main focus is gi competitions.

I am not interested in beginner's tapes, I am looking for some rather advanced series with gi techniques. I already have the Carlson Gracie Jnr tapes (blue to black belt requirements) and also had a look at Marcelo Garcia's tapes (no-gi), they are great.

I haven't seen Sperry's first set but his second one I have and it kicks ass!!!

The problem will be what you mean by "advanced" (or advan-cid, as Sperry will have it). If you've been training for two years, what Sperry shows won't be any moves you haven't seen before. What makes the series great is the way he puts it all together. He gives you a game.

One series that is a permanent part of my game is the hip on thigh sweep (against a standing opponent) to omoplata sweep and roll finish. The material is common. The way it's all put together for you isn't.

I agree with Prik Khee Noo. If you are looking for more advanced moves, check out the Rodrigo Meideros set from

Apollon, contact me directly for a special price on Sperry DVDs

Paul Viele
World Martial Arts

APOLLON,buy from those that "SUPPORT" the sport of Jiu-Jitsu,,,Island banner above)and there are others with what you will need to advance on.


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