Mario Sukata on

I have nothing to do with this but it has been several treads regarding this Sukata guy and if he is legit or not. I found him as a BB under Carlson Sr on

That's great.


Imagine that! The mystery has been solved by one guy with the click of a mouse! Incredible! You have done what thousands of others have been unable to do!

Now find Maurice Sakata for us. Because that's the guy in question.

He's 8-3 some big wins back in the day, i guess he's making a comeback now... He's from my hometown in Brazil so I wish him the best.

Lose Dan Severn Decision
Win Gary Goodridge Submission

Lose Kevin Christopher Randleman Submission(Punches)

Win Travis Jon Fulton Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Lose Justin McCully Submission (Knee Bar)
Win Seth Petruzelli Submission

Win Roman Savochka TKO (Injury)

Win John Dixson Submission

Win Valery Pliev Decision

Win Przemyslaw Mysial Submission (Arm Triangle Choke)

Win Markus Hipp TKO (Referee Stoppage from Strikes)

In my defense, I am drunk.

You should hang your head in shame. Maybe make a new username or something. You have embarrased yourself beyond comprehension.

Go back and read the other 15 threads about Sakata, Robson, and the Rat Pack.

Now don't come back without your shinebox, boy.

Now don't come back without your shinebox, boy.

i'm breakin his balls and right away he's getting fackin fresh!!!


WOW, you did it!!!!

Wow, see this is what the Rat Pack was hoping would happen. People see Sukata and they think he is the Sakata everyone is asking about. LOL