Mario Sukata's new book - Definitive Guide to MMA

Hi guys, tried the Underground, but I think I may get a better response here. My boss Gary Savage is writing a book with Mario which is his take on MMA. Gary is looking for any questions that a jiu jitsu practitioner may want answered by an MMA book.

He's also after any chapter ideas you may like to see that maybe haven't been addressed in other books.

Mario is a Carlson Gracie black belt with an impressive BJJ pedigree. He's also fought in the UFC and is head ground coach at the Wolfslair in the UK.

If you want updates on it check out the page on Facebook :-D!/profile.php?id=146742545416178 Phone Post

Yes, Mario Sukata IS legit.

FWIW... Unfortunately one of the very lame fake Black Belts out there employed the "Sukata" name as the name of his own nonexistent BJJ teacher. I think it confused some people -myself included- when they would then hear the name of a BJJ black Belt named "Sukata" and weren't quite sure if it was the real guy (Mario Sukata from Carlson) or the made up one.

As far as I know, the only 'other' Sukata is Fredy (Mario's brother) who teaches in Argentina at his academy. Was it another Barvo-esque debacle..?

Mario just beat Luke Costello in a UK superfight and just won his last MMA fight. I'm looking forward to it as a student as ive done plenty of seminars with him and he is awesome. Phone Post

If you google "robson pereira" bjj, that should bring up the huge threads from Bullshido and elsewhere that cover it.

Thanks Slidey :-D will do. Phone Post

Mario Sukata has been the most Succesful MMA coach in the UK, having produced a host of UFC fighters from the Wolfslair Academy in the UK. In addition he is a very prolific fighter and BJJ competitor in his own right. He was awarded his Black belt from Carlson Gracie and after training at Carlsons, Mario spent time with The BTT and at Golden Glory before moving to Wolfslair, he found fame in his country following a Vale Tudo fight against Dan the Beast Severn, Severn got the decision but Mario won respect as he was only 21 at the time and quite inexperianced in MMA, he had agreed to fight The Beast that night as Dans original opponent pulled out. Mario's book is crammed with great tips and techniques for MMA and following this books release we will be working on a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu title and possibly a no gi book. If any one is interested in fiding out more about this book you can see some stills and bonus BJJ techniques on the Face book page 'Mario Sukata's Definitive Guide to MMA'. If any one has any questions for Mario you can post them on this page, thanks Gary

Now there's a bit more information for you :-D Phone Post

I will update on the site as to where you can get a copy of the book Stubbsy, or I could just tell you in class mate :]

On another note, Mario's Brother Freddy Sukata is also a Phenom in BJJ. I have only ever rolled with Freddy once but I can honestly say I have never felt so tied up in my life. It felt like I was on strings and Freddy was making me move just were he wanted me. I have rolled with Mario many times and again it is the same, he is able to sub you at will ha ha. Mario is a genius at adapting his BJJ skills to MMA, were as Freddy is all for the BJJ game i think, although he too has fought MMA. Mario told me that Freddy is like an encyclopedia of BJJ and everytime they get together he gets something new with the gi. The Sukata Bros, should be held in high regard for their development of BJJ.

This Book should be available soon and to celebrate the books launch we will be giving away some signed copies, all you have to do is go to the Face book page, Mario Sukata's definative guide to MMA and add a 'like'. There are some photo's from the book and a bonus BJJ technique from Mario Sukata.

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Not sure, but it was a long time ago and he took the fight on two weeks notice. He made his name in Brazil fighting Vale Tudo, there was a legendary fight against Dan Severn as his first. It was an all out war apparently and he immediately earned some serious respect.

There's a video somewhere of Bisping introducing him as a TUF coach... Phone Post

The Video posted was made at De La Riva's academy in Rio in 2009. Mario was there, with myself and Scott Pickering to train and compete in the Masters and Seniors comp, which Mario won in his division. His point in the video interview that Jiujitsu is the most important part of his MMA is prevailant throughout the book, Mario is a very good striker and has great wrestling but it is the way that he has made his BJJ adapt so well for the demands of modern day MMA. When Mario started fighting in the old school Vale Tudo matches, things were different, Jiujitsu was king as the majority of fighters came from that background, after UFC 1 the revolution changed the art up and Jiujitsu had to adapt also, Mario has always been at the cutting edge as to how he has adapted the jiujitsu that he endorses for MMA and this book will give some great insight into his philosophies and techniques.