Let's face it,any game he's in I've had the most fun with,except for Yoshi's Cookies or that time warp game,but those sucked.

Anyways,Mario is my all time favorite character,and I wish they would come out with a DVD of all of every Mario cartoon series that was cancelled.

You gotta be a real gamer to come out and say something like that.

Mario Rules

He surpased Mickey Mouse in global popularity. And it was back in the day, cause today Mario would be considered "a racist stereotype" I'd like to see a legit attempt at another movie. Maybe even an animated one after that last debacle.

same here dude.

TTT for that crazy shroom eating italian.

I'll say it again, if Mario came out nowadays he would have never made it. A game with a blatant racial stereotype(Short fat wop, with big mustache and horribly thick accent who can only find work as a plumber) that advocates drug use to "power you up" would be all over the news today. Not to mention that he stomps turtles( a very benign and harmless animal) to death.

they don't die, they go into their shell

And when that shell gets kicked off a cliff what do you think happens!?

they get their wings?

Remember the original story for Donkey Kong was that Mario mistreated DK so badly, DK rebelled and stole his woman.
So, not just a fat, moustachioed, WOP plumber, but a animal-abuser, as well.

Was DK in a zoo an mario the keeper or what? LOL @ mistreated and animal-abuser! It's cool to note that the only time in a game mario loses is in DK junior. And you forgot drug abuser.

I knew Mario was about gettin high! Mushrooms... in mario world - puttin on a big fucking yellow cape and flying!

How about taking a flower(lighter) and throwing fireballs at animals? Or trying to jump into paintings? Many things when you really look at them seem to have heavy drug references. Take the cat in the hat for example.

Dude, thank you guys for reminding me just how fucking stellar Mario 64 truly was/is. I will never abandon my 64 like I retardedly did my Nes/Snes. :(

The enemies in the original Mario Bros. were called "Goombahs," another Italian slur...good times.

Mario's come a long way since then, of course - but let's not forget Luigi, the man behind the man.

lol, fuckin goombah's!! :)

Luigi got shafted in GC's Melee imo. His missile move was pretty damn good, but his jump special that causes him to fall straight down, that ain't right man.

Luigi was always playing second fiddle. There are some clues that may lead one to believe he was a three dollar bill.

LOL@the goomba reference,I've never realized that until just now.