Do you have a digital power supply??

If so, what do you set it at??

I got my machine today and started to work on some practice skin and I dont know what speed it should run at. The artist that was helping me is not around at the moment. Plus, have you ever tatted that practice skin? I cant get the ink in really. It looks real faint.

Also, when you hold the machine, do you allow the weight to rest on your knuckles or do you hold it up so that the bulk of the machine is in the air when tatting?

THANKYOU trainedkilla

I also recently bought a Tat mach and cant seem to work the fake skin very well. Im also a little frustrated with the weight of the machine and where to rest it.

I dont know anyone that does tattooing but also bought some instructional videos ( I know they arent a good way to learn but its a start).

Just practice on yourself and your pets!

mfah, we are facing the same issues. The machine I bought weighs about nine ounces and it makes it hard to steady the lines. I will have to practice alot to get used to it. I get so impatient that I will run out of my liner ink soon.


trainedkilla- I bought a set from superior tattoo, not sure if they make good stuff but it seemed a good quality vs price.

Problem I have is I have not been drawing at all (do to work) and my hand starts to cramp after like 10min LOL it sucks

it would take me like 35 sessions to do a flower on a girls ankle at this rate :)

Nope, I don't have a digital powersupply. Just don't turn it up too much, you don't want that liner needle hitting too hard.

Never used practice skin at all..just really good friends with no money, lol...

I also would suggest doing something small on yourself, on your thigh or something easy to get to. You already have tattoos and know what they feel like, so if you do and it hurts like hell..turn the machine down a bit (I know it sounds funny, but I'm no kidding) You'll be able to see what the line is doing and if you should turn the power up or down, or push harder or lighten up.

I usually hold the machine so it's more up in the air..I can manipulate lines and color/shade better that way,..more range of motion.

"...and my hand starts to cramp after like 10min LOL it sucks.."

I hear ya..try 12 years, I think I've got carpel tunnel syndrome.

Thanks alot Mario, I will start building the muscles up in the hand with practice.

mfah, I have a superior copperhead machine. Which kit did you buy?

hey mario,

I like your stuff! I'm also in to black and gray.

lemme describe what i want and and maybe you can give suggestions:
-wrapped around upper arm/delt
angel choking devil.
-stormy gray sky, but split where light of heaven is shining through.
-flames of hell (and flame shawdows) coming up. i may add faces burning in hell later.

here's what my friend's brother drew for me. he draws comics:

I like the idea, but:

  • i want the faces (esp angel) to look less human
  • more emphasis and depiction of the scene (heaven and hell)
  • no staff in God's hand, or his hand at all.

also, my arms are about 16.75". would this piece require more space. like, say, my ribcage? I'd like to get it on my upper arm and have the scene wrap around a bit.

thanks in advance.


Your brother has skills.

Dropkick1 - have you posted this on the OG before?..I think I've seen this. Cool sketch, it kind of reminds me of the band P.O.D.

You could definately fit this on your arm. You could do it on the ribcage if you wanted, just depends on how much pain you want to endure! Do you have any tattoos already?

Where do you live? Maybe I know someone in your area.

hey mario, yea i posted on the og a while back and a bunch of teabaggers there talked shit instead of giving anything resembling constructive criticism. such is the og, lol.

anyways, i live in orange county, ca. this will be my first tat, and prob my last since i have to stay conservative for my career.

it's actually my friend's brother that drew it. ive been trying very hard to get an appointment with Juan Puente but he rarely returns phone calls--i think he's got as much work as he needs. check out some of his stuff at Juan

Juan drew the Virgin Mary on my friend's forearm, all black and gray, and did some amazing shading, the best I've seen. i wish he put that on the net.

sorry to hijack the thread t.k.

I worked next to Juan at a convention in Detroit years ago, he did a traditional bird with nautical stars on guy. Great work. He's worth the wait if you can catch him.

I would suggest going down there with the sketch and $50 for a deposit and tell him your serious about getting it. I'm sure if you talk to him he can fit you in.

thanks, ill give it a try. i even dropped off that pic before and he never got back to me. maybe if i pay somehin it will compell him to get it done.

you know anyone else in socal that does good B&G shading?