Marion 3 in 11 minutes

Here's a video of some guy beating Mario 3 in under elevan minutes. Don't know if it's real or not, but it's insane.

It's not real. It's cool, but not real.

Anyone remember the video of someone completing the whole of Quake 1 on Nightmare difficulty in under 20 minutes?

I would love to see that again.

THAT was awesome Tsuneo. I might be able to track it down...


Just curious tpg, how do you know it's not real?

It's well put together if it isn't - even if it's just completed levels edited together, some of the ways he (or she I suppose) cleared them is pretty fucking amazing.

The guy who made it said it wasn't real, and he never intended for people to think it was.

I think he used an emulator and did a bazillion load/store states. Said it took him a year to make it.


i agree with eric

I think it was made just to show what is theoretically possible but what no person could really do.


I saw it a few months ago and told my mate (without internet) about it and we were like "Hoooooooolyyyyy shit!"

Just goes to show you shouldn't take these things at face value.

Eric has the correct.

Even just ONE of the levels on it's own is pretty fucking dynamic. Thanks for the clarification guys.