Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Fauci a criminal

yea no shit. how about someone on the republican side does something other than talk about it.



I don’t know I am internet commenter on an MMA board during the morning on a weekday. They should be the ones figuring that shit out since it’s their job instead of talking about it constantly and doing nothing. Ten years from now she could tweet “fauci should be in jail” and it would accomplish the exact same nothing.


Even if you’re a conservative you have to admit that she is a fucking moron.

Edit: not because of this video…just a moron in general.

No, I don’t. I think she is smart, AOC is a moron.

AOC and her should both just post pictures of their tits instead of talking or working for the government.

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Rand Paul pushing for a criminal investigation for Fauci the piece of shit.


The more Republican politicians using Fauci as a talking point, the more the administration will protect him and squash the lab leak hypothesis. Rand Paul is different in that he is an actual doctor and is trying to get to the origins of the pandemic. You know, so we don’t have to go through this shit all over again.

The biggest hurdle to investigating the lab leak hypothesis was it was associated with Trump. Harvard scientists already admitted that early last year they were about to publish evidence why it likely was not of natural origins but pulled it at the last moment. They didn’t want to be associated with supporting “right wing” agendas. It’s gaining traction now that Trump is gone but this could put us right back to square one again if too many Republican politicians start trying to use Fauci as a springboard.

You can see it on this very forum as lefties are much more concerned with white knighting someone they see as on “their side” than they are about discovering the origins of the virus.


They’re both mentally deficient douchebags…just on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

agreed. Someone should just put a bullet into fauci and do humanity a favour

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She’s right tho and people will just attack her. Afraid of a strong female.

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But if he is replaced with someone carrying out the same policies, we haven’t really accomplished anything. The ultimate goal should be to stop gain of function research. Not try to make it safer, or add more regulations around it. Stop funding for it completely around the world.

This is kinda the type of shit I’m talking about though. Republicans or conservatives or whatever spend all day strategizing and then by the time they do anything about it their agenda almost seems irrelevant.

MTG is awesome.

AOC is literally a retard, a prerequisite for a socialist/communist/democrat.


agreed. Shoot them too and yes cut off the funding.

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lol this isn’t a “Republican” thing. It’s a politician thing. How many Democratic politicians used George Floyd as a springboard for their platforms last year? Hell, Nancy Pelosi was praising Floyd and couldn’t even remember his name.

“We will make sure the world never forgets the name George Kirby!”

—Nancy Pelosi

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