Mark Bocek MMA debut...

It's official...Mark Bocek will be making his MMA debut at 155 lbs, Feb 28th at TKO, against Mark Colangelo.

Good Luck BO !!

It's the 28th now.

Good Luck Mark!

go bocek!

"Good Luck Mark!"

That's the perfect thing to say if you don't want to pick sides. :)

Wow! Great fight! Gotta pull for the hometown! Go Colangelo!

Going to be a great fight.

Take him out Mark!

I like both guys. Mark Colangelo is experienced in
NHB and this will be Mark Bocek's debut. Personally,
I would have chosen a different fighter for Mark's
debut if i was his manager, but i'm not. All the
best to both guys in this fight.

why all the manager hate??? sam knows what he's doing!

bocek all the way!!!

Bocek is slick!
I hate Lindland though!I know Bocek has been seen sporting a beard like Lindland, I just hope he doesn't sport the same hair style!!!

Ha Ha!!! Go BO!

I agree with mdf, Mark will win.


sam vs dino77!!!

The mistake was not Sam's It was a typo on the contract as prepared by TKO
And I think this is a perfect first fight for Bocek.


TTT For Team Renzo Gracie

Go Colangelo !!

Tough first fight. Good luck!

Where is it being held?

Vai la Foguinho....

Go Mark !


(((((((( NOVA UNIAO ))))))))

PJ, no hate on my part. I like Mark and I like Sam.


I like green eggs and ham