Mark Bocek recieves Black Belt !!!

Joao Roque Nova Uniao Black Belt (#2 ranked 145lbs mma) promoted Mark Bocek to Black Belt !!!

Congrats BO !!!


- Kyle

holy crap!!!!

congrats mark!!!!

see you tues!!!


Congrats Mark!

Good going Marc hope 2004 brings you much rewards.Hey Marc tell your MOM i say hi we spoke over the phone she is a great lady and i wish you and your family all the best.

One more thing Marc if your going to enter the world of mma be very careful for snakes that live in quebec.They hide behind a mask and screw people over.If your wondering there are no snakes or rats in the UGC nor AFC or SHUT UP AND FIGHT.Just and bunch of guys who love the sport and support it.

congrats Mark!!

Wow, congrats Mark

congrats bocek!



sweet and well deserved


Congrats Mark


long time coming! well deserved and congrats Mark!


Not in any negative way, but this was a sitation many have been waiting patiently to see happen.

Mark...congrats to you ( and your mother for supporting you from day one ). All the hard work and sacrifices have paid off. Hopefully, this marathon you have just one, it but a beginning for many things to come.

Unbelievably awesome...Greg Allen, if you are reading this, I suggest Mark be put into any documentaries you have. Truely an amazing day for BJJ in this country.

Any details of the ceremony???

what joe said!

Congratulations Mark!


Congrats BO

Definitely reading this Joe..... Awesome news. You are right, I've already contacted Mr.Bocek and have plans to spend some time with him in the New Year.... definitely a story well worth following.

Congratulations Mark ...incredible accomplishment.