Mark Cuban as UFC Pres..what if

What would the UFC be like if Mark Cuban were to have bought up UFC instead of the Mavs???

In a way Dana and Mark are quite the same they both have turn things around, snag up great people, both very hands on and they make sure its a great product...

So the question is would the UFC be any different with Mark at the helm

Thats true....its one thing that Cuban is greater at and thats being a big attention whore

So I take it yall rather have Dana than Mark hahaha

he would have saved a hell of alot of money as he would not have gotten so many fines...

Oh no doubt....Plus he would of had to climb into the cage to run in...He has easy access from the stands to run onto the court....

On the flip side, If Dana own the mavs they would suck.


He would only pay the players 1000 to show and 1000 to win.

Cuban, despite his limitations, has done great things with the Mavs.

There would be no Rachelle Leah


Cuban would probably want to corner every fight if not ref the damn thing.