Mark Cuban Gives Props To Mark Pavelich WTF??

So apparently Hdnet has signed a new 5 year deal with MFC and Cuban goes on the record saying Pavelich is his best promoter? I hope this is a joke:

Just look at the douchey face Pavelich is making in the pic

Just because you don't like him doesn't mean he doesn't put on great fights

 It's a press release announcing that Pavelich's org is staying on Cuban's network...of course they are going to be kissing each others asses in it.

they're both marks anyway

"Pavelich could do some things better, but ultimately he is the man, and a better man than Dana White."

So you're justifying douchey behavior by pointing to douchier behavior?

I sincerely hope MFC sticks around. Its a solid promotion.

 MFC is a good show

Mark does a great job with the fights and im super glad he's doing it.

He should just let someone else talk

MonsterBalls - MFC has been steady and putting on shows for a long time. They deserve some props. They aren't working with the huge budget that Zuffa is.

this Phone Post

I personally enjoy watching MFC. They put on solid shows and it gives fighters another avenue outside the UFC. The sport needs promotions like Bellator and MFC to succeed.

Best pic ever

Ghost of Retard -  

He should just let someone else talk