Mark Eccard bad service exp.


I ordered a DVD from Mark Eccard in the beginning of November and after I paid I never got a DVD or even a e-mail. I mailed him twice but never get a response.

I ordered from Germany but I never had problems for example Island Videos ALWAYS have a great service and send DVDs immediately, SBG,MMAMART and a few others also great service but I never get a reply from Eccard. I don´t know if I will get the DVD or what else happend. 47 Dollars thrown away........

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Bjorn, I've been looking for you!: e-mail me at

In the past I have emailed Eccard about 3 times requesting more information about his dvds (I saw two listed on his website).

I received ZERO reply. I'm not sure why he would have a product if he isn't interested in selling it. Consequently, I would never buy from him, completely unacceptable.

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Thats nothing, try ordering from erik paulson's CSW web site. I needed a t-shirt for a demo I was going to do and needed a new one. I was a huge fan of Paulson's material and wanted to promote the style with a shirt, I even spoke twice to the guy who is the manager of the association. I was told it's been sent, it's in the mail, etc etc. It never arrived after six weeks, it even put me off from ordereing any more of Paulsons products. I can safely send my money to the SBG anf get great customer service.

Had the same experience with Paulson.

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ttt I had heard of many similar experiences people had with this. I hope you get your money back.

Someone ordered me a Paulson DVD as a gift. They mentioned that they had to call because it was taking so long, but it DID show up and it DOES rock. I can't say how long it took because I don't know.

i emailed eccard also about tapes and never got a response.

Apparently he isn't interested in selling it which means I'm not interested in buying it. I think someone posted here that the video Eccard has is very plain, consequently, way overpriced. Maybe that is why he doesn't reply to email inquiries.

I got my DVD..........yes I ordered it end of october or first week of november and today it was in my mail.

I never get a response from him but at least the DVD.
Bad service but no rip off.

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