Mark Eccard

has anyone seen his video(s)?  he now has 2 training videos on his web site.  just curious how the conditioning is?  how long the session(s) last?  not much info on his web site

I have seen Mark's 1st tape. I did not like it. It was basic PT, plus some clips of Rickson sprinkled throughout. I also had some technical issues with the tape. The audio was poor in some parts. I was going to ask for an exchange, but the tape took such a long time to get to me that I just considered this a bad investment and moved on.

I ordered the fluidity dvd from his website and it never came. No reply from the email enquiry I sent either...

Both tapes are not very good. I think he is a good athlete but he didn?t real show the Rickson training stuff or anything just basic PT.

I ordered DVD 2 and after a few month it came finally. But he never replied my mails asking for the DVD.

I wouldn?t buy again there

I never understood why he offers product for sale but makes no effort to actually sell it or reply to customers. I continually read who he does not reply to any inquiries.

I'm always weary of any one who sales videos who don't provide any "visual examples" (i.e video clips) of what is on the video.

I bought his video years ago. It was a total rip off. His costumer service blows! He never respondes to any emails. Plus the exercises that he shows on there are basic exercises. Nothing special and definately not worth the money. Don't waste your hard earned money or time on this junk.