Mark Hatmaker seminar sells out

I called today to get info for the upcoming Mark Hatmaker seminar in New jersey.To my suprise i was told there is no more space.The gentelmen on the phone told me there was a huge response to the upcomming seminar.I must say that i was very suprised by this news.I could understand if somebody like Shamrock sells out.But I did not think Hatmaker was that big a name in mma.Not to mention he has never fought any mma matches nor does he give much info on who trained him.I do however like the material he puts out.

Mark Hatmaker books are very good. I would rather go to one of his seminars than either Shamrocks. I cant wait for his Savage Strikes book to get done.

In his second book he covers the Submission combinations Sakuraba uses. Its only 10 bucks at Amazon and probably the best book I own.

Some good stuff. ttt