Mark Hunt lost to pro rugby player. Woodley in for same fate?

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren wasn’t the first time a celebrity beat up an MMA fighter. Paul Gallen (rugby player turned celebrity boxer) beat Mark Hunt by decision. Now I personally believe Mark Hunt is a MUCH better pure boxer than Woodley. And if a celebrity can beat up Hunt in a boxing match then I see no reason why one of the greatest natural warriors of our generation couldn’t beat Woodley.

Only difference is this will be much more widely publicized and embarrassing than the Gallen Hunt fight.

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To be fair Gallen is a well conditioned ex lifetime professional sportsman in a physically aggressive sport where he was noted as being one of the most aggressive and someone who could throw hands pretty well.

Also Hunt would have murdered him if he was anything like in shape.

I think the comparison is apples to oranges but who knows.


Woodly loses this one and then disappears altogether


Gallen trained in boxing as a kid. After he fought Hunt, he boxed Lucas Browne, the first heavyweight boxing champ from Australia, and won by KO in the first.

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never knew

Mark Hunt in shape huh lol


Lucas Browne is terrible. He won the WBA “Regular” championship, which is akin to an interim belt, but less important. He also failed a drug test and was stripped of the fake belt immediately.

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how many fucking threads u going to make on your hero

Its possible but I hope Woodley wins