Mark Hunt: Sorry About Tweet I was hungry

Looking forward to japan sept 20 troops sorry about unemployment tweet I was hungry no carbs


Hunt should stay away from social media.

Sure, blame carbs. They always get the bad press.

Very strange... Phone Post 3.0

Is that code for...."drunk"?

Id be raging too if a dead org paid better 10 years ago than the superbowl does today.

Is weed a carb?

So he just trolled the shit out of us? Y he do dis? Phone Post 3.0

Nelson is calling an emergency meeting with his team to figure out what the fuck a carb is and why wasn't hunt doing it. Phone Post 3.0

This is the kind of breaking news I like to bring to the UG. Mark Hunt was hungry and tweeting nonsense!

Hunt no carbs > Rampage too much xyience Phone Post 3.0

RobbieRuthlesslyBatteredMyBrownEye - Hunt no carbs > Rampage too much xyience Phone Post 3.0
LOL Phone Post 3.0

He always tweets some really strange shit. Although his "unemployment" tweets were the strangest. He'll tweet a bible verse then his next tweet will be some bizarre cursing rant. Phone Post 3.0

Pics of no-carb gut or gtfo! Phone Post 3.0

McGregorsTattoo - Snickers needs to sponsor Phone Post 3.0

^^ this

Is Hunt sponsored by Snickers?

I can't wait to see the Hunto "You're not yourself when you're hungry" ads


Ha! Didn't this thread,just bumped the other thread with this...great news! Phone Post 3.0

carbs are good for you

Mmmkay? Phone Post 3.0

Motivated BJ
TRT Vitor
Keto Hunto