Mark Hunt's new technique...

Atomic Butt Drop, (a fat man jumping in pool move).

Fighting a big man is getting pretty dangerous!

Fucking funny!!! Great post!

i watch that and the main thing i see in the 2nd one is how much force must have been on Wands neck as hunt landed.


For a big man like Mark, he can move for his size.

LOL - I showed a guy at work the first one and he said "wow, that guy on the bottom must be strong" thinking that Wand somehow launched Hunt into the air.

How does one defeat the Butt Scoot? With the Atomic Butt Drop!

Dutch starts developing his new secret guard pass for the next BJJ comp...

Dutchy, have you seen the 'oma splatta' guard pass?

I can see how you could take the piss out of Mark for his Atomic Bomb, but ask yourself how you'd feel seeing a 125kg guy launch himself like that above you!!! I'd be shitting bricks!!!

Watch Mark's split stance as he launches and his recovery after he lands, doesn't look like something he made up on the spot???

Would have to see the whole match to put the move into it's correct context, the gif looks pretty effective to me???

My $0.02.


Well that's one way to stop pansies lying on their back!

The 'bombie'

two piece chicken bro

when you watch the gif it does look extremely painful for vanderlei. i wonder if we will see toher mma fighters adopting this move?

is it legal in xfc, spartan and warriors realm?

"125kg" - clear the pool ladies!!

ttt for the legality in Aust?? how did vand recover afterwards, did it seem to effect him?