Mark Kerr - just seen the fight

It looks like he knocked him self out.

He went for a double leg takedown i think and as they were falling Kerr's head was on the side and it seems to me that he hit the floor with his head and knocked him self out..

He just collapsed and the guy rolled him from guard to mount but Kerr was out as soon they hit the ground.

Where did you see the fight?



He definitely knocked himself out. As soon as they hit the ground his arms went limp; Yamamoto just rolled him over and started hitting an unresisting body.

Kerr looked okay, basically like a decently in-shape guy rather than the weird action figure he used to be.

He looked Ok.

He was much smaller ,and he lost a lot of muscle definition..but his takedown was fast..

On the computer.
I downloaded it with DC ++

Kerr looked really bad. First he looked scared to engage and then when he did he messed up his doubleleg and managed to KO himself....

Yamamoto gave him a DDT?

Glad Yamamoto got the W.

It looked like he broke his nose on Yamamoto's chest when he took him down.