mark kerr-still train in AZ? where

where does mark kerr train at in arizona? who does he train with besides bas? anyone know where?

kerr needs to parley his career... if hes just working in a 24 hour fitness center hes selling himself short

TTT for somebody from Arizona


i want to contact his gym. anyone?


I'm pretty sure he was training with Mark Zee before his last fight.

at a school?

Just because he's a trainer, doesn't mean he works in a 24 HR. fitness center. Not all trainers are starving or work for $12 an HR.

Kerr is a smart guy.

cades- can you get me a phone number for that mark zee school by your house? is kerr training there? thanx in advance.

kerr has been in there but doesn't make it there that often. zee cornered kerr at his last pride fight. from what ive heard and seen its the biggest gym in az.

@ 24 hour fitness?

ray elbe- what 24 hour does he work at?(store location)

it would be cool if i could get the website for your school? i would like to see the inside and what it looks like. email me pictures.

hes like "eddie and the cruisers"

Why doesn't Pride hire Kerr as one of there regular commentators, or some other position in the company?

Back Alley Gym in AZ.

Oxycontin, IMO

I heard he's selling soap at K-mart.