Mark Kerr vs Rickson in Pride

Let’s say Antonio Inoki pays Rickson $20 million to fight any version of Kerr. Who wins?

Rickson can have special rules.

  • Kerr
  • Rickson by armbar

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Kerr and it’s so bad that Rener and Ryron never get to open an online program


If it’s Inoki’s money it would probably be for a Bom-Ba-Ye show

Kerr by Rickson declining the fight


It says any version of Kerr. Who gets to pick what version? Rickson? If so, prime Rickson easily beats junkie Kerr. But Smashing Machine Kerr would have smashed any version of RIckson. IMO.

if Rickson fought the Kerr who showed up at WVC and headbutted everyone to Bolivian, that version of Kerr under NHB would win imo

any version under mma rules, Rickson wins.

To put this in perspective, Rickson weighed 185 and probably could have made 170. Kerr would probably have at least 80 lbs on him


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Could Rickson beat the shot version of Kerr? He was like 50 then

ryannvondoom is somehow correct. these were the days when technique won the day. plus Rickson has something extra that he knows.

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MMA has truly become a sport and so many have forgotten where it came from or just don’t know.

There’s a very good reason Rickson never fought anyone better than Takada

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Rickson was the original Mayweather

Funaki is better than Takada.