Mark Kerr will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly think that Kerr is in good shape (given the circumstances of takeing this fight on short notice and being out of MMA for about two years) and that he is focused on MMA. His loss to Norihisa Yamamoto was an obvious fluke and a re-match is needed as soon as possible. Bas Rutten has said that "When Mark Kerr is conditioned and focused" he is one of the best fighters in the world. In a pre-fight interview Kerr said that the documentary about him called "The Smashing Machine" that was aired on HBO has changed his life for the better in every way. Kerr will probably be given an alternate match at Pride Total Elimination 2004 and probably face Gan McGee, L.A. Giant or Dan Bobish. It is AWESOME that Mark "The Smashing Machine" Kerr has returned to MMA!

After those pre and post fight interviews how can you not like Mark Kerr?

TTT for Mark "The Smashing Machine" Kerr!

The new commentator (I forgot his name) interviewed Kerr in his locker room after his fight.

"After those pre and post fight interviews how can you not like Mark Kerr?"

Haters, old-schoolers (royce rules all types), and jealousy-ridden people. There are many who think because he had all the tools, but didn't make it to the top makes him a loser.

those people are REAL fucking sad.

TTT for one of the finest minds in the sport.

It was exciting just to see Kerr re-enter the ring. I hope he has another opportunity to fight in Pride.

Jack Johnson sits in neatly in between the 'jealousy ridden people" and a category I left out - 'Rich boy who'll never have the cajones to get in there'.

After watching The Smashing Machine I'm a bigger Kerr fan than before. But after seeing Mark in his limited action he looked like a shell of his former self. I wish him good health and happiness in whatever path he takes in life. Still nice to see him!

Mark "The Smashing Machine" Kerr is my favorite fighter of all time!

When Mark Kerr is conditioned and focused" he is one of the best fighters in the world

That could be said about a million fighters over the hill. What l mean by that they have lost there drive. What was his excuse for him coming in to the ADCC out of shape?


I really wanted to see him do well but he looked horrendous. He ate that punch and you could tell he didn't want to be there.

Kerr didn't really lose that fight. He KO'ed himself.
So, the questions about him were not answered.

Pride or UFC should give him another chance. A lot of
people saw "The Smashing Machine" on HBO. He is a
marketing opportunity waiting to be capitalized on.

I like his attitude, seemed bummed but confident for a return, and holy shit, it looks like he hasn't lifted in years or taken vitamin 'S'




He's a likeable guy, but his style is not my favorite.

he just needs to get back on the juice, it's the reason he was called the smashing machine. And it's the only way he will ever live up to that name again!
Mark Kerr is my favorite fighter, whe he is in shape!