Mark Madden disses Randy Couture

 Mark Madden, of WCW commentary fame, newspaper columnist, sports commentator, and radio personality recently had some things to say regarding Lesnar's win over Couture

Brock Lesnar is the new UFC heavyweight champion. Hooray for our side!

Ever since I started working for WCW in 1992, I’ve had to hear it, and I bet you’ve all had to hear it as die-hard wrestling fans: IT’S FAKE! YOU’RE STUPID! HOW CAN YOU LIKE SOMETHING THAT’S FAKE! FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!

Well, MMA purists, go fake yourselves. The phony wrestler took your burnt-out, washed-up, feeble-looking shell of a legend and put him out to pasture like the egg-sucking dog that he is. I thought Randy Couture was supposed to be GOOD. Couture might as well have been wearing high-heeled shoes and fishnet stockings, because Lesnar used his pimp hand to great effect.

Gee, it sure didn’t look fake when Brock hit Father Time with 117 unanswered punches. It sure didn’t look fake when Couture crashed to the mat like a turkey dropped from a helicopter by Les Nessman. It sure didn’t look fake when Lesnar appeared fresh as a daisy after the fight while Couture was looking around for a defibrillator and an oxygen tent. It sure didn’t look fake when Sable hit the octagon and…OK, maybe SHE looked a little fake, but in a good way.

Before the fight, all you heard about was the real legend and the fake wrestler. WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW, PRIEST?

The crowd booed Lesnar on his way to the octagon. The WWE guy was about to soil hallowed ground. The irony is, the real/fake issue helped create a face/heel dynamic not often seen in UFC, and the resulting crowd heat was INTENSE. Lesnar’s background enabled UFC to replicate pro wrestling electricity on a legitimate stage, and it increased the drama tenfold.

I don’t follow MMA closely. But I will as long as Lesnar is involved. MMA may be ashamed to have a fake wrestler as its standard-bearer, but if it brings in those crossover dollars from sports entertainment, I don’t think Dana White will turn them down. If White is smart – and he is – he will take Lesnar’s pro wrestling connection and beat it to death (even as Brock beats White's “real” fighters to death).

Let’s face it, no one will ever beat Lesnar. He will hold the UFC title as long as he wants. It’s hard to imagine anyone’s technique overcoming Lesnar’s strength, bulk and rapidly improving skills. It’s like Lex Luger once said to Ricky Steamboat, “A good big man always beats a good little man.”

Of course, that led Ric Flair to say, “Luger, who said you were a good big man?”

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I emailed him something and he got back to me in like two hours, have at him.

It was on his site when Brock won, but they don't keep the "articles" that far back.


LOL, Okay SuperGenius. You don't follow MMA, but know that lesnar is not going to lose. Read up bud!!!!!!

Every fighter in the top 10 could beat Lesnar

1. Fedor Emelianenko
2. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
3. Andrei Arlovski
4. Josh Barnett
5. Randy Couture "Except randy"
6. Tim Sylvia
7. Fabricio Werdum
8. Aleksander Emelianenko
9. Sergei Kharitonov
10. Gabriel Gonzaga

Honestly, is there a guy named Mark Madden and did he write that, or is this one serious trollattempt?

That's a bad ass pic of him. I bet he still lives with his mom.

Okkun - Honestly, is there a guy named Mark Madden and did he write that, or is this one serious trollattempt?

Jeebus, people think I'm making this up?

Here's his website:

Email this guy, I did.

Apparently his "shtick" is to come off like an internet troll.

I don't know if this guy is trying to say that a WWE wrestler could just step in the cage and win or what but there's athletic guys in every sport that would do well in MMA if they committed to it for a few years not just wrestlers.If you took ANY WWE wrestler at this very minute and had him fight Couture they would get their asses handed to them in a matter of seconds,this is fact.Besides the fact that Lesnar is a very physically gifted athlete he trained with the goal of wanting to excel in MMA and be a champion.I don't know what the fuck he's talking about Couture looking feeble but until he got caught I had him winning it slightly and doing an outstanding job of preventing a man that outweighed him by around 60 pounds from dictating the fight.

Here's a video of Tank beating him up in WCW.

Mark Madden does Sports Talk radio in Pittsburgh. He was fired from the ESPN station last spring after making derogatory comments about Ted Kennedy's brain cancer (?). He came back a few weeks ago on this new station.

He gets his ratings from doing precisely this sort of schtick. He always takes the popular opinion and goes against it, except if it is the Penguins. He frequently goes out of his way to bash famous Pittsburgh athletes - Hines Ward, Jerome Bettis, Willie Stargell.

Stupid article from an uneducated fat slob. It is however, the UFC's fault that some people are like this... They overhyped Randy as being the best heaveyweight MMA fight when he isn't even top 10.

"It sure didn’t look fake when Couture crashed to the mat like a turkey dropped from a helicopter by Les Nessman."

Now come on, you have to admit that was funny if you get the reference.

I think Mark Madden and Petros Popadopawhaeverthefuckeuroshitname should be locked in a pit and fight it out to the death.

Either way, society wins.

I stopped reading at, "Let’s face it, no one will ever beat Lesnar." Unfortunatly, that line came toward the end of this brain vomit.

"MMA fans simply do not have the mental ammunition to battle wits with pro wrestling fans."

Awesome. lol!

LOL @ randy couture now not top 10 material

& any "real top 10" beating Lesnar

Don't even buy into it. He doesn't believe a word he says (or writes). He comes from a wrestling background, to him it is all about getting "heel heat" -- which is to say attention any way, and at any cost.