Mark Miller KO'S Josh Neer!!!

I Called it. Mark is a young fighter with great stand up and jiu jitsu. His
hands are very fast and heavy. Big win tonite knocking out UFC vet Josh
Neer in less than a min in round one. Miller is awsome at 170 and would
be a monster at 155 he is a smaller 170.

Wow, very impressive

Big upset, congrats!

there goes neer CFFC fight.

cage fury fighting championship. neer was supposed to fight deividias taurosevicius. if neer is suspended longer than 30 days, that fight is out the window.

Miller looked awsome!! and this was by no means a fluke K.O. Mark was working Josh from the bell with punches and kicks. it was a huge right hand that ended the fight. I've never seen Miller show that kind of power, big win for the young fighter from Chicago.... oh and I'm sure Neer will be suspended for at least 60 days (no contact). He was out cold for a while. a good night of fights at the IFL...

I think I missed something,why was Neer susupended? He didn't sign a contract?

IF you get your brain rocked hard enough to knock you unconscious, it results in suspension. Oyama said "Contact", as in he isn't to be beat about the face for that long, not contract.



who would've thought somebody from Gilbert Grappling would be a badass?

If this fight wasnt sanctioned then i believe all Neer needs is a brain scan and he should be able to still fight in CFFC

Timmy's being sarcastic, Gilbert Grappling (G2) is full of STUDS!!

very impressive win

I called it.  Miller is a killer.

clay guida, mark miller, tommy lee, joey and dan gilbert, joey benoit,
andrew gerdes, chase bebee, kevin knabijan, and many more all certified
badasses comming from G2 with that being said great ko mark.

If he dropped to 155,... god damn.

where is the vid? someone make themself useful.

Neer was also fighting the ref as he awoke...