Mark Mowers = Playmaker?

Anyone see his goal against the Flames last night?

Not bad for a glorified minor leaguer.


Damn i was gonna make this thread.That was a SWEET goal, great hands that kid has.

It took me a sec it figure out who it actually was after he scored. He gave his #20 to Lang and is wearing #44 now. When I saw #44, I said, "WTF is that?"

I thought it was the ghost of Anders Erickson.



You see Foote turtle last night? He sure looked like he wanted to go with Bert, then when the gloves came off and Bert landed one he wanted none of it.

ok, did you see worrell get the better of brookbank

and what about Moore playing all game?

You see Moore get his pocket picked by Naslund setting up that beauty goal?Nice Ave goggles, lol Worrell didn't even connect.Brookbank is the only one who actually connected with anything, and fell at the end.Too short of a scrap though but lol@"get the better of"You can watch it again here :

It was an exciting game, to bad the fights were weak. I was really disapointed that no one actually went after Moore. Totally lame, especially after the promise for retaliation had been made.

Right before the Brookbank x Worrell scrap had got going, there were two guys at the bottom of the screen that looked like they were about to go, but I'm not sure who it was. Anyone know?

Yeah that was Matt Cooke and Moore, i wish they would have went as well lol.

Yeah that would have been great. 2 birds wit one stone: irritating, annoying as hell Cooke (odd that he of all people would be the only one to challenge him), getting some payback on Moore. It would be a win-win fight for everyone, as long as it wasnt a snooze-fest.

I think they should implement a new rule called the Melrose rule. Evertime there is a lame, boring fight, they get 2 minutes for delay of game. And its called the Melrose rule because he is always the one that says, "ah thats not a fight, give 'um 2 minutes for delay of game".

Is that before or after he has Tony Robbins in to speak?

Melrose rules, dont deny the truth. You WILL be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Melrose is a flake and Don Cherry wannabe


Dude, resistance is futile, lol