Mark Munoz out for possibly a year

Looks like Mark may have broken his fight before his weidman fight. He also battled staph after the fight and he may be out with the foot inury for up to one year.

Shit! Mark broke his fight? That blows..

Chris "Wigsplitta" Weidman

Outside of the dumb joke about his hair cut I have no idea. He had one bad KO against The Hammer and this last one against Weidman other than that I cant think of any wars or bad shots he has taken. Phone Post

I hate when I break my fight

? Phone Post

He broke his fight?

Who will Lombard fight now? Belcher, Okami, Shields?

Belched please!! Phone Post

I broke my fight once. You shoulda seen the cast they put on it!

Did he really fight Weidman with a broken foot?? Phone Post

 seems like a cool guy, hope he recovers fast

uratoker2 - 

Did he really fight Weidman with a broken foot?? Phone Post

  possibly a broken foot, at the very least a fractured foot 

His speech patterns have grown worse over the last few years. It's strange because outside of Hamill or Weidman, he hasn't taken many shots. Maybe too much hard sparring in the gym. Phone Post


No one ever comes back the same after a broken fight.

Musashi - Listen to the guy.

Hard to watch.

Half the idiots on here don't get this at all.

"But but but he's only been knocked out twice!!"

Once can be enough.

The big tall boy battered him senseless for a while too...

And then there's training....

Wake up guys Phone Post

MarcusRenatoBlackBelt - He doesn't have any signs of brain trauma . WTF ? he only had 2 KO's, and the Hamill one he was barely out.

 Barely out???  I thought I witnessed the first death in the UFC

 I can't comment on whether or not he has any brain trauma that is showing signs now, but I think his misspeaks in the beginning of that video were more due to being uncomfortable in front of the camera.  The longer the interview went on the better he sounded overall.  It's tougher than it looks to be interviewed on camera and talk for as long as he did without making some errors.

 that interview is over a year old...

 i met him last year and had a good conversation with him, there were no signs of his speech being affected at the time