Mark Prior's progress update.

PITTSBURGH -- Chicago right-hander Mark Prior, who has been on the disabled list since March 26 with inflammation of the right Achilles tendon, threw off a mound Wednesday as he continues his rehab stint. Prior threw over 40 pitches in the bullpen at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.
"It went all right," Prior reported. "I'm not as accurate as I'd like to be and I'm not hitting my spots, but I think it will come. It's only my third bullpen. I'm not necessarily worried."

Prior also did some running in the outfield.

"I decided to get some sprints in and take advantage of the weather because it's supposed to be cold when we get back to Chicago."

The Cubs are considering leaving Prior and pitcher Mike Remlinger in Arizona to continue their rehab after the Cubs visit the Diamondbacks April 26-28.

"I'm just going to try and get into a game," Prior said. "It's just more conducive and you have more control over not trying to drag guys out early. To be honest, I don't know what goes on down there -- I've never been down there."

Prior sees progress in his recovery. The next day after a workout is the key.

"They've been pretty good," Prior explained. "In fact, here right now I feel pretty good. The first few times out obviously everything was aching from just not doing it in awhile. Now I feel a little bit more like I normally do after I throw my normal sides, and hopefully everything is all right."

LMAO. If you were the Met's GM would you trade Piazza straight up for Prior?

Any sane person would think about it.........for about a second and a half. Then they'd pull the trigger and take Prior STAT.

Maybe so. But Prior's 23. In four or five years, when Prior is most likely winning 20 games a season with an ERA in the mid-two's, and Piazza is sipping margaritas on a beach somewhere........ah, you get the point.

Is it worth the risk if you know Piazza not going to play much longer? Absolutely, IMO. He's going to be 36 before the season's over. It doesn't matter what he's DONE, it matters what he would do for your team from "here on out".

Deeder - please take off your Met blinders and join the rest of us.

LOL @ Met blinders.Do they look like this?

I don't see Mark Prior getting caught up in the world of meth or coke or whatever Doc was doing.

no mark prior is gonna get caught up in pain killers and courtney love! yes you heard it hear first...

courtney love will marry mark prior....How is that for a bold prediction lolol

obviously this is in jest

Prior is already married, I believe. And his wife is not especially hot. Okay and pretty, but not hot.

neither is Courtney Love, so don't rule it out.....

What a terrible celebrity marriage that would be. Wow.

Yeah, but would it be any worse than Julia Roberts-Lyle Lovett?? Or Angelina-Billy Bob?

More importantly when Prior is gonna go do a AA start let me know. I never got off my ass to go see him play while he was with the West TN Diamond Jaxx, and this time I want to make sure I make it out for a game.

I hope it's AAA here in Des Moines - but it will probably be AA. :(