mark ratner employed by ufc?!

nevada state athletic commissioner marc ratner quit to be employed by ufc!!!


Why would there be a conflict of interest? Just because Ratner was instrumental in shutting down Pride's attempt to run shows in America? That's just silly, man.

no cus he only works for ufc now

What does that have to do with him sabotaging the UFC's biggest competitor?

There would only be a conflict if he worked for BOTH agencies.

i said he QUIT!!!!

Or if he knew he would be coming to work for the UFC and decided to use his power to shut Pride down.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again.... bring back lisa dergen!

that's the answer to all the ufc's problems

attjack you idiot, WTF are you babbling about... how did the chairman of the NSAC "shut down" pride?

Ratner was the director of the most important Athletic Commission in US when they denied Pride the right to use a ring and their established rule set. The UFC and their lawyers, as well as fighters they were paying, all showed up to fight this major business threat to the UFC. The competition was shut down and sent home. After that Ratner accepted a lucrative contract with the UFC. Plus let's face it, "rat" is actually part of his name.

lol and ttt

pride screwed pride

how the hell are they going to get sanctioned when they make half the talent work fights against takada?

Wasn't Mark Ratner the name of the nerdy guy in Fast Times?

I thought that PRIDE was trying to get a venue in California??

If so, Marc Ratner, as the Director of the NSAC, would have little to do with that.

They went to California after being stonewalled in Nevada. California is obviously now working on the specifications for MMA approved rings as any unbiased commission would obviously do. Rings aren't exactly a radical concept in combat sports. The fact that a commission would deny such a request is very telling in my opinion.