Mark Tripp?

His forum is down. Anyone know if he is OK? I remember him having health problems.


No clue about this. I hope he feels better.

He is doing well, he is on the road alot for work, and spends alot of time out of town now.

Yeah, he is not in Detroit much. I recently spoke with his office manager after a recent to Detroit for work. I had tried to schedule a visit to his Dojo and contacted him in advance - did not hear back for months due to his busy travel schedule. I have also heard about his poor health. I met Mr. Tripp once at the North Eastern Combat Arts Festival in 1996. He showed me some cool stuff. I have also seen some of his some of his seminar videos - great stuff.

He's great to have around for seminars and his seminar tapes are top notch.

He should be back in town for a brief Holiday vaction for a few weeks, but then he'll be back on the road. He is recovering very well from his medical issue. Mark is a tough nut to crack, he'll be back to good health soon.

Hope he's health get's better.

Has tons of knowledge

Got his tapes made a while ago, good stuff.

Has an unsual debating style

I always liked Coach Tripp. is his website. He didn't want a forum any longer. Too much hassle.

Too bad, it was an interesting forum.



Thank you for the interest. I so rarely check any of these things
anymore I had no idea this was here.

1. My health is poor. I am dealing with cancer, stage 2
hypertension, and some eye trouble. The good news is I have lost
about 75 pounds from when most of you have seen me last.

2. The forum was a problem due to a change in servers. Also, and
many will disagree, the level of discourse tends to turn off new
students. Those with long memories will remember.

3. I do travel a great deal now, as it pays well and lets me pay for
my meds. I simply to not have the strength or energy to teach full
time. Testing at camp this year was very difficult for me, and due
to the meds I am on, causes me to bruse very easily.

4. I was promoted to Rokudan in Judo and Hachidan in Jujutsu at
camp this year. And, yes, that was a promotional test in full view
of any and all, and had to pass the board as well.

5. We are having a get together at the budokan this weekend at
about 1pm; any and all are invited for some fun and training. No
cost, just come on by.

My future, and the future of the club, is unknown. All we can do is
the best we can do, like it or not, we are all in God's hands.

So once more, I shall return to the shadows......

Mark Tripp

best of luck.

-Bill Easlick

Yeah, man. Best of luck to you.

Best wishes coach

Best wishes, Mr Tripp.

All the best Mr Tripp. You will be in my (and all I'm sure) thoughts. At some point, if/when you are ready, you may want to check out
They can always use reputable people to help them out.
It is a Detroit based martial arts organization that is now branching off to NYC (where I live). I am one of the martial arts instructors here in NYC (I am also a therapist working in pediatric oncology).

All my prayers to a speedy recovery. Never hesitate to drop a line if you need any help.

Stephen Koepfer

wish you the best of health

Happy New Year Coach Tripp!

Glad to see you are still around Coach Tripp.

I'll be praying for your health.

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If you have an issue with Mr. Tripp and his Pan Am champ, which if a boy, couldn't be a pan am champ, unless a jr pan am champ is what he is. Dude, if i were a bigger guy than a 13 or 14 year old, i might be able to tap them too. you know that under 17 you can't ever do armbars in judo right b/c of safeties concern.

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