Marketing Advice please

Question for you guys: What is the best way to get the best advertising for the least amount of money?

I have a business idea, but am now trying to find the best way to advertise it both online and throughout my city.

TheAdonis allured to being a "shameless marketting whore" and I was wondering if there is a general consensus on how to go about it.



Thanks Iron Joe

Iron Joe: do you accept I.O.U.'s ?

TheAdonis: It is a business on how to rewrite this guys success system on getting girls. I think he may even post here every now and then :) (just kidding Adonis)
You'll have to forgive me if I don't go into details here, but it is a little mail order/ mixed with direct sales. I want to cut my cold calls in half by doing some sort of marketting via mail or the net. Basically I'll sell widgets and need to find a way to reach my consumers other than cold calling.

I left my email address before for you Adonis, but here it is again:


look up Perry Marshall, I think his site is

he uses alot of direct response advertising for b to b sales...also does alot with stuff like Google Adwords, which is one of the best P4P marketing tools out there IMO.


I checked out the Perry Marshall site and it looks interesting. Do you use his stuff for your business?

I'm trying to expand my health care business and will probably get one of his courses. Any recomendations?


I use a lot of Google adwords to drive traffic to my site, but I don't use Perry's stuff specifically. However, what I use in terms of direct response marketing is pretty much identical to what he does. I've spoken to him on the phone a few times and I was impressed with his level of commitment to customer service and his knowledge of his field, for what that's worth.