Markets is Crashing but Cucks said buy the top!

Answear one question @Boomsticks…Did you ever trade money through a bear market? Seriously!

I went to 100% cash and treasuries in my 401k in September during the Evergrande crisis. I just felt the cracks starting. It wasnt the very top. I left a few percentage points on the table, but getting out a little bit early is usually better than staying in too late.

I don’t see myself going back in with my 401k anytime soon. The choices are very limited.

And I don’t think that I will nail the very bottom of the market either. But just get close again. But in the meantime I am trading options and making some decent money and getting trading experience so I will have a sense of when to put my 401k back in the market again.

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Sure I have.

I’ve been an advisor since 2001.

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Thanks for the honesty…If you need to buy here look long TLT and Short SPY

You want honesty?

Stop being a dick.

You’re going to run off people (me included) with legit experience and credentials in the markets.

I’m sure you don’t care, but there’s always room for other opinions. Believe it or not, I don’t always think I’m right.

Do what you like, but you’ll just create an echo chamber. Something that’s all too common around here.


Ok man…Lets do an olive branch…

No more smack talk from me.

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Water under the bridge.

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Still have so much more to go! (retail still buying the dip!)

We will have huge rally’s (bear Market rallys) but this Market could have an 1987 type crash…(be aware)


People only hear what they want to hear, and whatever they choose to hear is usually a distorted version of reality.

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I think that I will get back long when they refactor everything.

Prove it