Marlon Sims and Noah off-I AGREE

All this bullshit about Dana being wrong about calling the Noah vs. Marlon fight off is just crazy. When I heard about the fight I immediately said "why the fuck are they matching these 2 guys?" I mean, both guys were dropped with the first punch thrown at them in their fight, and they were quickly pounced upon, punched in the face, then submitted, or in Marlon's case, put to sleep, which is the same shit in my mind.

Neither guy did anything on the show to deserve to fight in the UFC. As far as I can see, neither guy has won any fights out of the UFC that prove that they are the cream of the crop either. It doesn't make sense to match them up.

I'm sorry if these guys are your friends, and this offends you, but I don't see a single UFC 155er that either of these guys would beat if they were kept around. I doubt Weems and Monstah fight in the finale either.

Sad to see that Rick's thread did not get the attention it deserved, while Joe Lauzon's has posters flocking to it. I feel for you, Rick.

^ Maybe it's because there is another thread about this already.