Marlon Sims

After going 300-0 in streetfighting, has lost his last two outings in the cage. He may need a new camp to help mold him into the champion he has always claimed to be.TTT for Marlon "king of the streets" Sims

Don't be too hard on him, Marlon's style only works against multiple attackers.

I heard marlon slipped and fell, so what?

ttt for the "King of the Streets"


yes more tittays

Well he did kick that dudes ass (I forget his name) in the backyard of the TUF house...which was actually pretty entertaining!

That was probably his last win.

And BTW Marco Ruas is "King of the Streets"

He still never tapped out.

this is a clear example of why streetfighting is different than mma.. if it were pride rules on the other hand, marlon would be putting people to sleep!