Marquardt vs Riggs

I don't think Nate deserves a super fight against Askeren or I was thinking if Bellator did sign him who should he fight? Riggs came to mind, he should fight at 170 winner gets in the next Ww tournament

How does he not deserve it? What free agent would deserve it over Marquardt?


I'm not meaning to fighter bash at all, but Riggs ain't what he used to be. I take nothing away from Jordan Mein at all... but he knocked Riggs out. I'm pretty sure Marquardt would put a beating on Jordan.

^ this I think marquardt would be a great test for lombard Phone Post

Ok then how about ben saunders? And just because Nate fought in the Ufc doesn't mean he deserving of a fight against bellators champs....and if I was him I wouldn't wona fight with out the belt on the line

Who says he's getting signed by anyone?  What if his career is over?  What if he has hepatitis or something?