Marquardt: WTF?

Winston Wolf - 
DaemonDragon - Nate claimed right after the Miller fight that he weighed only 186 in the cage for that fight. Which I was shocked by.

But if true then a cut to welter isn't a huge deal, there are lots of welterweights that rehydrate back up to 190 or even higher, including GSP. GSP has rehydrated back to 187-192, depending on the fight.

I'm pretty confused by how Nate, who I viewed as a larger MW, can cut to WW and weighed only 186 against Miller. Perhaps Nate simply has a huge upper body and skinny legs.

If Nate can make the cut without it affecting his performance then I expect him to make a very big splash at WW. Welter is all wrestlers, and Nate's game is extremely well tailored to beating wrestlers.

And it's very funny because since he lost to Chael and Okami people actually say wrestlers are his weakness - but Chael is Chael (and was probably roided), and Okami won by out-jabbing him, Nate clearly outwrestled Okami. Wrestlers are very far from being Nate's weakness.

disagree i think wrestlers are his weakness

More specifically, high-pressure wrestlers like Chael who never back off for a second. Marquardt doesn't seem to adjust well without some space.