Marquart greasing his legs....

 Why was he not suspended when he blatantly cheated at greased against the Brazilian?  Or was the brazilian lying?  What was also weak was when he punched the Pahlares when he was protesting to the ref.  Goodbye cheater....

Forget the greasing part as who knows if he did or didn't, but what bothered me was him hitting Palhares with punches when he saw Palhares look to ref to complain about something. Sure, you're allowed to hit the guy if the ref doesn't say anything, but that's no different going on the attack after poking someone in the eye instead of acknowledging it. It's a cheap way to win.

He also had that ridiculous pile driver he did against Leites that was clearly against the rules. Luckily, Thales didn't get hurt from that.

He punched Almeida after he tapped out.

He's already been busted for roids once before too.

Those win at all cost tactics are right in line with his recent troubles.