Marquez vs Pacquiao fight unreal

If you have HBO, turn it on now, this is a brawl.

definitly, very exciting!

Pacquiao was ROBBED... split draw, my ass.

The judge who scored a draw scoring R1 10-7 was BS.

Not to mention the impossibility of the judge who scored it 115-110 for Marquez. (What scoring system was he using?)

But a great fight that Pacquiao WON, definitely.

"Pacquiao was ROBBED... split draw, my ass."

No shit - boxing is fucking CORRUPT, 115-110 for Marquez isn't even a possible score!!!

I feel bad for Manny. No way in hell he lost 10 of the last 11 rounds. Total bullshit!


It was an AWESOME fight! Paquiao won the fight in my opinion.

Pac won it easily

there should be no rematch, and I'm tired of boxing scoring every fight a draw to get big bucks in a rematch

Hate to say it,but the fat lady cow had the fight 115 to 110 Marquez,

Pacquiao was robbed big time

um, Jutras was the one that scored for marquez. he's the old white canadian guy

It was an awesome fight but 115-110 for Marquez and no 10-6 for round 1 def. is quite shocking.

But what a fight.

Too bad for Pac but Im sure he won in the hearts of most fans.

Marquez showed tremendous courage, will and determination in mounting the improbable comeback that netted him the draw. He spotted Pacquiao a huge erarly lead and was still able to convince 2 of the judges that he did not lose. I had Marquez winning by a single point but then again I'm not a judge.

The judge that scored it 115-110 for JMM scored 10 of the last 11 rounds for JMM. That is a fucking joke. I give JMM props for fighting back from a terrible first round, but there is no way in hell he won that fight.

i agree with Rick James to say fight of the year but the judges ruined it for me.

"He spotted Pacquiao a huge erarly lead and was still able to convince 2 of the judges that he did not lose"

only because 1 of those 2 has no idea how to score a 3 knockdown round

Come on Jason, he had an idea. He only missed by 1 point. the other 2 judges were 10 points apart. I think you're faulting the wrong judge here.

If you knock another man down 3 times in a round, it's a 10-6 round plain and simple.

no, he didn't have an idea. Wrong score is wrong score, and i'm faulting him, cause if he'd scored it right then Pac would have won

the other dumbass is beyond help

The 1st round was most likely misscored by that judge but Marquez controlled the majority of the fight thereafter with more power shots. Like the announcers said its arguable. Pacman made a fan out of me bigtime tho. GREAT FIGHT either way.

I'd take Marquez in a rematch assuming he wouldnt start the first round with that mistake he made tonite. He kept Pac at bay and managed to land excellent shots.

If theres no rematch...lets see Pacman vs El Terrible!!!

I'll tell you all what the real problem is, they don't show the score until the end of the fight. For all we know, Marquez won on all 3 cards and then they changed it to make it a draw once they realized it may be an unpopular decision.

What needs to happen in boxing is post the score after each round so everyone knows exactly how the fight is being scored and they can plan accordingly. Imagine if tomorrow when the Lakers are playing the spurs if they announce that they will post the final score once the game ends and we'll find out then who won. Absolutelyt rediculous, post the scores after each round and there will be no controversy. Remember, Marquyez felt he was winning the fight after the 11th and coasted. That's what changed the outcome of the fight not the judge who felt 10 to 7 was suficient for the knockdowns in round 1.