Marquis Hill Patriot, Drowns

Authorities pulled the body of Marquis Hill, a former LSU football standout and New England Patriot, from Lake Ponchartrain this afternoon, after he fell off a jet ski Sunday night.

Former LSU player was on a jetski in Lake Ponchartrain out here in New Orleans. The are he was found in is known for its strong current. Sad day for LSU, New England and De La Salle high school here in NO.




RIP, way to young to die


RIP. Fuck drowning. Poor guy.

I bet he was high on crack. JK

How does a dude that big fuckin' drown. Seems too wierd.

The current in that part of the lake is bad.

To top it off, his mothersd home was robbed while she was at his funeral.

Not to speak ill of the dead, but I wonder if his wife was at the funeral given that he drowned while jetskiing with another girl....