Married OGers: how often do you bang bro (your wife)?

I’ve been with my slut whore of a wife for almost 15 years and we still do it around 2 or 3 times a week. What’s the story on the rest of you faggots?


Pics of wife mandatory


I don’t bang your wife as much as i used too.


I’d bang your wife on the days you aren’t


OP, whatever happened with that paternity test?

She was mine. She came out for a visit in Nov w my 2 grandkids. It was actually really nice. We talk every couple of days on Facebook now. She’s coming back out in the summer. Just goes to show you never know what life has in store for ya :wink:


Don’t understand men who are derogatory towards their spouse.


Daily pretty much but we haven’t been married that long. Maybe the honeymoon will last a while


Not taking into account the times I’m out of town or one of us isn’t feeling well, we usually average about 5 times a week…

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Phases. Once in a while 3-4 times a day for 5 days straight. Then it’ll go cold and be once a month. Really kinda not awesome.

Our second child is under a year old, so working around nap times can be lame.

Still do it at least once a day.

Cap’n, he lets other dudes plow her in front of him. His referring to to her as a slut whore seems acceptable in this case imo


Not as much as we would like. Little kids make that a challenge. Usually have to wait till they go asleep. I will grab her in the middle of the day and drag her into our closet. Usually it’s quick and violent and we walk out line nothing happened. Lol. Still manage a couple times a week.

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Got a 6 month old so its challenging finding time

Wife never, girlfriend 4-5x per week.


5-9 times a week, depending

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I bang bros every day!!

No homo

you should ask holly9000’s wife’s childhood babysittee.