Married OGers: how often do you bang bro (your wife)?

2-5 times a month. We’ve been together for 24 years. We’re not as sexually active as some of you hung OG alpha studs .


Coming up on 10 years married.
Two kids - 4.5 and 3.
Sex - maybe once every 3 months.

I guess I don’t feel so bad. I married a nymphomaniac but it’s like she turned into a nun.

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6-8 times a week

Lol. I said 6-8

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Get a room you 2


Only at the OG lol

We married the same woman apparently

That’s a lot of semen to produce. My wife is trying to get us on that schedule too. Are there any suppliments or rehydration strategies you recommend?

That’s only once a day-ish. If you find your wife really attractive that helps too.

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5-6 times a week. Blowjob to start every session.


Did you get divorced in the last 2 weeks?

She’s a total doll… No issues there.

People grow apart. But they decide to coparent or co business (assets and house are a business) or they are too afraid to leave and be on their own. And some are just children emotionally immature and thrive off drama and fighting