Married woman contacted me on

It’s a scam, like the insurance scammers who try to brake check you on the highway.

As soon as she backs her mack truck into your pelvis and bodily fluids have been exchanged, the husband is gonna bludgeon you and they’ll claim you are a rapist.

Could be a Dexter couple.


Off-topic, but EasyG has GAYDS.



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I thought about it but shouldn’t post pictures. You never know who will see it.

I just feel the need to point out this has never happened to me.

I mean, it’s me and people kind of expect this thing to happen to me…but it just has not.

Damn, having sex with her husband is a ballsy move. I like it


Get together some pillows, empty paper towel tubes, socks, whatever it takes to make a super creepy looking homemade sex doll. Print out a picture of her face and attach it to the “face” on your doll. Cum all over the pic. Send her a pics of the whole mess, including close ups of the jizz soaked pic.

Just see what she does. It’s the timeless art of seduction.


Tears Reaction GIF


You would…

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Well if I have been trolled so be it, PICS OR GTFO. But this is as compelling as the Denise Williams case from a few years ago. My thing is this, You fuck this women. And you fuck her hard. Its not your fault. Its her fault.

I laughed hard AF…

The Cowboys, great movie. VU

Don’t do it and block her ass. She will only bring drama and strife in your live and you’ll regret it.

Women like this are low down dirty whores just wanting to have a good time. But your life will be ruined.

You can bet every text you’ve sent, she has saved for safe keeping and will use against you if need be. They do this shit. Leave her the hell alone and go on with your happy life.


If I were you OP, I would see if she will divorce her husband and marry you


She showed her husband a pic of OP on Facebook and said,

“I wanna be friends with this guy.”

Husband looked over and saw OP on Facebook and replied,

“Go ahead that guy will not try to bone you. He doesn’t even have the balls to ask you for a titty pic to post on a off topic forum on an MMA website.”

Unfortunately OP the husband read you like a book.


Then I without a doubt believe that a woman only wants to be friends with you. You guys should go shopping

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That happened to me in Kuwait….

Could you see from the closet or mostly just noises?

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Hahahaha, no. I suspected it was their deal a bit later and asked the girl. She admitted it, and then started ploughing her at my apartment, obviously without hubby in the closet as the case was at their house.

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Excited for Christmas?

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