Marsh Vs. Telligman, who wins?

I have to say Marsh will have the edge on the stand up and ground. What do you think?


I don't really know much about Marsh, but I'd be impressed if he had the better standup of these two.

I'd love to see Telligman back in the UFC fighting ANYBODY and I'd like to see Marsh fight too.

Standing, Telligman without a doubt.

On the ground its pretty close. Marsh is more technical, but Telligman isn't a slouch on the ground either.

John Marsh by punches from the mount.

Tra's standup gets better and better. Ask Rizzo, Tra hits HARD! Marsh would want to take this to the ground.


Pretty solid group of HWTS working out at rAw lately--



and Erikson going there next week---


John will get the fight to the ground and finish him there.

Hey Novak,

How does Marsh do against Barnett on the ground?

"How does Marsh do against Barnett on the ground? "


Fabes--  you know Rico and that crew--  I ask questions like that all the time -- no matter who is there-- and  ALWAYS get  the same response--

Marsh has his days,Barnett has his days--this is just practice etc...

Going back to his college wrestling days Rico( Gable student) looked at practice as a way to improve-- intentionally put yourself in positions you are unfamiliar with until you are comfortable and your reaction is second nature.

Every now and then he will say that someone is really working hard or  someone is in crappy shape.

I know that Rico thinks Marsh is a great guy and he thinks he has a lot of skills--



Tre by KO if the fight stays standing.

Telligman has the better hands. Marsh is the better sub fighter.

Quick fact, Tra has 6 boxing matches, 4-2. Marsh has 5, 5-0.
This fight will be good for the U.F.C.
I think Marsh has WAY superior ground skills.


I havnt seen marsh fight in a long time. The marsh that fought ricco or josh would lose to the telligman i saw fight rizzo the second time. thats the most educated opinion i am capable of though.


Striker, what's up man!

marsh beat cabbage i think...

"He did (beat Cabbage)and by all accounts dominant in every way. "

Marsh won a very fair decision no doubt, but it wasn't exactly "dominant". It was mostly Marsh using the "stick and move" technique the whole fight. It wasn't a very exciting match.


Tra has a nice height/reach advantage. Marsh is stronger/better on the ground.

If Tra comes out aggressive like he does in the Rizzo fights, I think he will KO Marsh.