Martha Hart interviewed on Jericho's podcast

Wow. Finally, Martha is talking about Owen and WWE publically. Very good interview. Jericho asked some interesting questions.

Below is the only clip I can find on YouTube so I suggest downloading the podcast. Enjoy!

I liked hearing her talk about Owen wrestling in Japan and how close he was to Stu.

But she took that WWE money and her and her kids travelled the world and got great educations. The foundation she created is pretty cool too.

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I think its pretry clear her kids havent been exposed to much of owen's wrestling. Its understandable considering how he died and the lawsuit but I cant help but think its pretty odd and might be partly her influence

Or how she says they have no relationship with the Hart family anymore but if any of the kids come across the "grandkids" to be nice and respectful. 

That would imply that if they come across any of Owen's brothers and sisters, it would be a different story.

She's certainly dictated her children's lives.

She's probably done everything she can to distance herself and the kids from the family to make sure the kids don't want to get in the business 

Jones right nostril -

She's probably done everything she can to distance herself and the kids from the family to make sure the kids don't want to get in the business 

My thoughts as well

I know she was able to recall lesser known wrestling stars like hase but she seemed pretty clueless about owen's career.

She has clearly done alot though to improve her family's life and the lives of others.

I see no issue with her doing everything she could to bring WWF to justice on this.

Owen was my favourite wrestler growing up and for them to be so careless and to hear that the boards were broken and Owens blood was actually on the ring - that did it for me.  I never heard that before or knew it, so I fully support everything she did.

Martha had to balance Justice with the future of her children in mind.  Taking that money was the best for her family and it also at least showed WWF felt somewhat responsible.

Sickening that they sacrificed one of the best men and workers in the industry for a flashy entrance to the ring.  


It was great to learn that she provided them great educations and started that foundation in Owens name.  IMO I agree with her that it’s a much better way for him to be remembered than his wrestling accolades regardless.  He’s been honoured in wrestling HOFs already so I don’t see necessity for WWF.  


Now the one negative I will say is I do feel she shouldn’t have distanced them from their fathers family.  It would be nice to hear they’ve reconciled after this.  I also think the children are missing out on opportunities to see their father in a different light and create new memories about him around his wrestling career because it was so much more than just the fall.  


Oh yea and FRAT

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The thing we are forgetting is that the Harts tried to sabotage her court case so thats why she’s ostracised from them not the wrestling business which isnt everything to everyone nor should it be. Owen was more than pro wrestling as they said in dark side of wrestling.

WWE deserved all the shit they got and I now understand her side of things 

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 I’m going to try to give you a fair and accurate detailed viewpoint from some of the families side without saying anything that isn’t already fact and somewhere out there and trust me this isn’t 1000th of the drama with the situation and how it affected the family it’s not my place to tell and it forever changes perceptions.

As stated by the show,  Owen loved his family and was a saver/sent every penny home and was always planning his exit to be able to spend time with his family…

Owen was known for his frugality.  He was probably one of the last athletes to pull this old school money saver… make a money mark/sponsor fan in every city… he had a Rolodex of contacts and would attempt to save money by crashing in spare rooms getting rides and usually the fans would host him take him to dinner and he would be able to save on rental car hotel and a meal. He did however appreciate the favor and he was genuine in friendship and humor entertainment. He didn’t care about pinching penny’s but he always made sure that she never went without. 


On the family side there never seemed to be a weekend from that couple years somebody wasn’t involved in major drama Martha was starting to sour very hard on it all hence Owens aggressive attempt to get in get out efficiently.  This affected their relationship with a lot of the blame being Owen and the WWE in her mind. I don’t know any about stealing of documents however it’s impossible to explain to an outsider what it’s like to be two multigenerational promoter families that had done multigenerational millions and millions of business and had the next generation already signed on to all work together as well (Teddy, Harry, Tj Wilson, Nattie, Jack Evans). It’s just a relationship few would ever understand between two families. 


Should have had a legit stunt crew, not compromised safety for and the police should have shut the show down Never even should have been Vinces call for it to go on.  


her family deserves to be upset, total negligence. I don’t blame her for separating the kids turned out good and that family name is an albatross of expectations pre decided decisions.

there’s a lot more weirdness to the story right around here. 


Stu knew Vince and knew that he would never had thought that would happen…  Deaths happen in rings though unfortunately just horrible situations but even after Montreal Vince was still signing relatives and doing good business.  I just don’t think they saw it the same way, they considered each other family business partners and they saw accident and forgave not negligence.