Martha's Vineyard 'Deports' 50 Illegal Aliens Within 24 Hours!

Asylum laws need amended. Anyone can walk up and claim asylum. We have too many poor and homeless Americans to take this many people on. Our economy is shit. 3 quarters of negative GDP. Violent crime is way up. What about the Americans who are struggling?


The great replacement theory is not a statistic. It’s literally Nazi propaganda. You just tried to suggest its really happening. Sorry, but I can’t just let that go.

This thread is 100% about OG conservatives deflecting heat from DeSantis and Abbot with the fake news that the people of MV did much worse than they did, and are actually closet racists only pretending to care about blacks and browns. Which has been exposed as bullshit.

It’s crazy you can’t admit that.

What you keep doing instead is changing the subject to pretend that the people of MV did just as bad if not worse than what DeSantis did, and proposing that I, Biden and all Democrats want open borders (or that they’re already open) and don’t care about the humanitarian crisis at the border.

It’s all nonsense.

Of course there is a crisis. I have already admitted as much to you.

But it’s not a “plan” by Democrats to take over America. Biden didn’t invite these people to come. And you are ignoring every other possible explanation for the massive increase in asylum seekers and illegal crossings.

Agreed. It’s a broken, overwhelmed system.

What proposals are on the table from Republicans, specifically DeSantis and Abbot, about changing things for the better?

The statistics I was referring to were the 75,000 in January, 200,000 in July and 1,000 to 6,000 apprehension increase from Obama to Biden. I have no idea what exactly is even in this “great replacement theory”… As I said I’ve read nothing about it, nor do I care. Its not rocket science. When elections are decided by tens of thousands, it’s not hard to worry about laws that allow a pathway to citizenship for illegal entrants . No matter their skin color. And what is this Nazi propaganda? The Nazis were defeated in the 40s. I think that word is something you are picking up from some far left wing news outlets like CNN or MSNBC.

yup haha


The theory that the Dems are “opening the border” to “illegals” so they can replace “real Americans” and “steal” all the elections and begin their “communist” dictatorship.

Something like that.

Which you seemed to actually believe based on your post.

Seems like it’s a core belief to most conservatives I see speaking about immigration today actually.

I thought Nazis were defeated 85 years ago too, but their talking points and flag have been making a comeback on the American right for years now.

core belief of nationalists not conservatives. It’s just gotten hard to find any conservatives

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Some things have unintended consequences. I’m. Not a conspiracy type person. I think some have such good intentions they are blind. Like gays rallying for Muslim rights. Biden didn’t invite them verbatim. But he has a stance on immigration that’s making record waves in crossings. So maybe that’s a real thing we should be looking at here. What policies are bringing this crisis to Americans. Especially the ones on MV. I don’t see how Texas, Arizona, California etc are supposed to handle 100s of thousands of immigrants per month? How is that fair for those states?


Winning strategy


No I never said anything like that actually.

Lol! You’re so full of shit dude.

Oh, please do tell wise one.

I couldn’t watch. That thing is so fucking weird. Aliens exist… this thing, Adam Schiff, fat guy from my (Jerome something- fat guy that shit his pants).

The libs have one look, but the politicians have a different one. It’s like they are two different species here in addition to the normal humans.

I feel like I could tell the difference between a pol and a lib with about 15 seconds of dialogue. This alien here could pass for a liberal, but I think I could tell she was truly a politician. Big difference.

Nope. It’s the very definition of a strawman.

I just did.

Not a single MAGAtard in this thread looks into anything deeper than what Fox News and right wing Twitter tells them.


it is so funny watching the rich leftists in marthas vineyard be exposed as closet racists.

desantis is so much more intelligent than them and they just cant cope