Martial Arts and religion???

I have heard certain religions say that Martial Arts are tied in with Witchcraft and the devil and other things to that effect. I even saw a religious website that described similarites between MA and Satanism. Now obviously this is bogus but I was wondering if anyone here knows anyone that thinks like this? My old Karate instructor was a very devout Christian and had done the Martial arts for years. I was wondering why certain people think like this? Is there something in the Bible about combative arts being evil? I was just curious?

I think combat arts and Christianity don't mix. They are evil, why would you want to hurt someone?

the rev

It's not about hurting people, It's an interesting hobby that is good for your cardio and for excercise. I don't do martial arts to hurt people. I do it because It's challenging and I enjoy it.

LOL Rev, I just read you profile!! I thought you were serious.

Joe Ray: Give it up and keep your trolling to threads you start yourself. That way people can just steer clear of them altogether.

Grasshopper: There are heavy ties for some between religion and martial arts. Some say that in Biblical times, many knew forms of wrestling and such.

You're bringing your stuff from other threads here to try and continue the arguments. This thread is about religion and martial arts.

The Bible doesn't condemn martial arts as far as I know?

wow...I'm surprised Donna did'nt think of this :-)

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LOL Sherm what went through my mind was why donna didnt post. I mean after all she blames alot of her views on the fact her dad didnt love her .......Erick

Hellwig, God loves spectator sports like us all, is asshamed he cant bet cause he knows the outcome....Erik

Hahahaha, very good.