Martial Arts Titles

Sifu (Chinese)
Sensei (Japanese)
Khru (Thai?)
Guru (Filipino/Indonesian?)
Professor (used commonly for brazilian jiu-jitsu and savate)
Master (variable usage in U.S., Karate, TaekwonDo,etc)
Grandmaster (variable)

Am I missing any?

Coach? Master-at-arms? Lord Vader? Just some off the top of my head.

sah bum nim (korean, like sensei)

Sigung, etc.


Mestre (Capoeira)

Maitre (Fencing, but rarely used)

Massa, grand wizard,grand cyclops-southern USA

lol at iblis73

If anyone ever calls me "Grandmaster" it had better be followed by the word "Flash"


The titles "wizard" and "grand wizard" are actually used in some kempo groups. I wonder if anyone is using the term Jedi yet...

lmao. Jedi Abood. I like the sound of that. As soon as they start using that though, you will have some using Jedi Master, then Jedi Grandmaster, then Supreme Grandwizard Jedi Master, etc., etc., etc.



I could be "Chuck the Jedi," founder and grand master of Yoda style Force Fighting...

I'm going to hang a picture of Yoda up in my gym. Seriously.

lol, I like that.

Now that I think about it, the coolest titles in my opinion are:

  1. Jedi Master [insert name]
  2. Count [insert name]
  3. Baron [insert name, i.e. "Baron Combat"]
  4. Grandmaster
  5. Shogun (i.e. "Shogun of Harlem")

I'm sorry SBG, "coach" doesn't cut it for me.