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I am almost positive that I remember you saying something about Gamaliel closing his school to all but the best late in his life or something like that.It was in response to Paul saying that he was brought up at the feet of Gamaliel.If you did say this,where did you get this from?

ok... if memory serves... Gamliel (the problem is there are a few guys with that name), closed his school late in life to all except Sanhedrin level people because far too many Jews who were not ready for the advanced levels of study were getting all weirded out by his stuff. Its somewhere in Talmud (damn thing is way too long).

I'm talking about Gamliel the Elder,the grandson (or is it nephew?)of Hillel....1st midrash Gamliel.Are you sure that you're not thinking of Shammai?

martial shadow is there a book I could find that explains gamliel, hillel, and all these guys that you mention? it's very confusing and I'd like to have a point to start with. the original Gamliel?

I don't think he "closed" his school (but I could be wrong), he was shut down by Romans and also because he had to reform Judaism, shifting the emphasis from Temple service to daily prayers.

Beverly; there's Who's Who in the Talmud- its encyclopedic and includes all the major contributers to the Talmud, I would assume most intro texts would list the major players.

A good intro might be to read an online copy of Pirke Avor- Wisdom/Sayings of the Fathers/Elders. It was originally designed as the "everyday man's" Talmud. When the Talmud began to get encyclopedic (no other word to use), commoners complained they could not study Torah/Tanakh, Mishna, pray, work, raise a family AND study Talmud. So, the snippets of wisdom (as opposed to long thought out arguements, legal code, ritual laws, contracts, etc.) were put into a small book. I've read it in under 45min (but I am familar with the material) you could easily read it in under a day.


thanks MS! I couldn't find anything on Pirke Avor, but I found 2 who's who in talmud books. which do you recommend?

the one by:

Alfred J Kolatch


Shulamis Frieman

sorry, finger slipped- its pirke avot

Frieman was the one I had looked at.

And for Pirke Avot; look into

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu